Easy Headshot Lighting

Actor Headshot

This week’s lighting tip is how to uses a very simple lighting setup for actor headshots. The requirements for headshots other then capturing the personality of the actor is to light the actor so you don’t have harsh glaring highlight and overly dark shadows. A key was of doing this is to use diffused light. … Continue reading

Angles and Photographic Lighting

This weekend I had a great shoot with two young models. The shoot was conducted in a local Café and last one hour. During this time the place was full with paying customers. When I setup the shoot the only thing the owner said was no way must paying customers be disturbed. So I had to ask myself how … Continue reading

Shaping Light

Reading the Istock’s forum today I noticed a post from a Photographer that had an image rejected for lighting. The rejected image was a table top setting of white plates, water pitcher, and cup.  The  lighting setup had two main problems a small light source causing hard shadows to form. The other problem was white tableware … Continue reading