Arduino Driven Camera Shutter Release Trigger

Passive Infra Red Movement Alarm Shutter_Release

  On the 29th of Jun 2011 4 x6 a contributor on istockphoto wrote “Has anyone ‘successfully’ synced two Canon DSLR in the studio environment? I spent most of today trying to work it out. The best I could get it was 50% sync rate of the two cameras with the studio strobes.” This started a … Continue reading

Controlling Specular Highlights

  A question that is often asked is now one goes about shooting shiny objects.  The biggest problem with photographing highly reflective object is learning to control the specular highlights.  Controls for the specular are size of light, intensity, and control of the transition areas.   Specular highlights are nothing more than reflections of the light source in the object you are lighting.   … Continue reading

Sean Locke Interview

Some of these microstock artists you may have had the luck to meet in person, but for most of us they are just icons we see posting in the forums or a strange online handle.  If you spend any time in the world of microstock you’ll soon learn that these are the artists that drive … Continue reading


   Since I’ve been contributing to microstock the burning question of many people has been can I make a living doing this.  The simply answer to this question is yes, but most likely you won’t.  Now before my entire creative network of microstock buddy start jumping up and down shouting blasphemy!  Fact most people contributing … Continue reading