Willie B. Thomas









Born in New York,
raised on Planet Earth,
thriving in Berlin Germany.

Hello my name is Willie B. Thomas and I’ve been a working Photographer for the last Twenty-five years. I’ve worked in many diverse places and conditions from New York to the outback of Australia.  My primary focus as a Photographer has always been people, but I can shoot a Still life when needed.  For the last ten years I’ve run a commercial studio in Mannheim Germany that specializes in Business headshots. Four years ago I deicide to give stock photography a try and found out that it suited my life style.  As a Photographer I love getting out and meeting young Photographers just starting out in the business. The two most frequently asked questions that I get from young Photographers are how to light images in situations that are not ideal, and how should I go about making money. These questions should come as no surprise as every Photographer loves making great image and eating not a bad thing. 

In this Blog I’ll give you Lighting Tips on how I go about lighting many of my subjects. I’ll also be running interview with other working Stock Photographers so you’ll get an idea of what it takes to run a successful Stock Photography business. If you have not found these yet I would also suggest you take a look at Studio Lighting Net, Ellen Boughn new Blog, and Rahul Pathak Lookstat Blog.

I’ve always pursued one photographic goal, to create cool and creative images.  I’ve covered the full range of photographic image making from high-in product photography to life-style people images. To see more of my work visit my website,or checkout my stock Portfolio, Getty Portfolio or contact me at;


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