Recreating Natural Light


FriendsOne of the thing I love as a Photographer is grabbing my gear and heading out of the studio and getting out on location.  Recently I had a chance to shot in a very nice home.  The idea behind the shoot was to have two young women having breakfast together and planning their day.  The room I was planning on shooting in has large windows and I thought we would be able to get some nice natural light shots, but on the day of the shoot the weather wasn’t playing. So what’s a Photographer to do when the Sun won’t play, recreate the lights that missing.  The lights used to create this shot were Fill light 1000ws Hensel, 500ws Hensel in softbox as Main Light, and a 500ws Hensel with a  grid spot as a kicker.


I decided to set the lighting to replicate how the Sun light would have lit the room if it wasn’t rainy and cloudy outside.  Light coming in from the window would have been a large soft light source so I decided on placing a large light box to the right of the models.  The same light would have bounce around the white room providing fill light.  To recreate the fill light I bounced the 1000ws Hensel off of the back wall.  The last light that was placed is the kicker.  The kicker creates a bit of an edge light alone the right side of the model’s face.  Below is the  postion of all the lights for the  final shot.

Lighting Set Up


This month’s Getty Istock Hot Shots selection of the Chef and Trainee uses the same principle can you guess where and now the lights were setup for this shot.  I’ll post the answer to the question in next month’s post on lighting.

To see more images like this one check out Eye Design Photo Studio.


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